About Our Festival

Organized by RipioTurismo DMC.

Our company, RipioTurismo, a DMC in Argentina, has been hosting groups since 2000. In 2005, we established a specialized department to accommodate music groups, including choirs, orchestras, and bands. With the assistance of our dedicated Music Manager, we curate exceptional performance tours tailored to various groups. Presently, we are proud to host the spectacular Buenos Aires Choir Festival in our city, welcoming groups from across the globe and offering them the opportunity to immerse themselves in our local culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I book my group for the festival?

    Booking your group for the festival is easy. Simply fill out the form on our homepage or send an email to our address at info@ripioturismo.com. We will be ready to assist you promptly.

  • Why should I reserve a spot at the festival for my group?

    Argentine musical culture is extensive and fascinating. Local rhythms are significant aspects of our culture and form the foundation of our country’s rich musical diversity. During the festival, choirs will have the opportunity to learn about these rhythms, sing alongside other locals and international groups, and prepare a closing performance that will be unique and captivating. Together, we will sing the famous Misa Criolla by Ariel Ramirez.

  • Is there a deadline for registering my choir for the festival?

    While there’s no strict deadline, we typically reach capacity by late September. To secure your participation, it’s best to confirm before September 2024 or as soon as possible.

  • Are there opportunities for choirs to collaborate with local musicians?

    Yes, one of the highlights of the Buenos Aires Choir Festival is the opportunity to collaborate with local musicians and learn more about Argentine music.

  • Can I bring family members or friends to the festival as spectators?

    Absolutely! Friends and family are very welcome to visit our country and enjoy the Buenos Aires Choir Festival.

  • Is transportation provided for choirs during the festival?

    Yes, transportation is provided. All transfers are included, along with accommodation that includes daily breakfast, meals as per the itinerary, visits, and local guides. Check the itinerary for details.

  • Is there any age restriction for participating choirs?
    No, there is absolutely no age restriction. It’s open to everyone!
  • What accommodation options are available for visting Choirs?

    We have special agreements with three hotels listed in our itinerary information, offering excellent group rates. If you require different options, please let us know; we are here to assist you.

  • What's the duration of the Buenos Aires Choir Festival?

    The festival spans a week, including three days of venues and one grand finale, along with various visits to enjoy the city of Buenos Aires.

  • Is there any age restriction for paticipating choirs?

    No, there is absolutely no age restriction. It’s open to everyone.

  • Are there opportunities for choirs to engage with local communities or schools during their visit?

    Yes, we can arrange special activities for choirs interested in engaging with local communities. Please contact us for details.

  • What should choirs expect in terms of audience size?

    Choirs will perform in churches or theaters with an estimated audience of approximately 200 people.

  • What is the typical duration of a choir's performance at the festival?

    Each choir will have a performance lasting 30 to 45 minutes.